Girl with a White Dog

Jessie is excited when her gran gets a white Alsatian puppy, but with Snowy's arrival a mystery starts to unfold. As Jessie learns about Nazi Germany at school, past and present begin to slot together and she uncovers something long-buried, troubling and somehow linked to another girl and another white dog…

Girl with a White Dog is published by Catnip and was nominated for Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize.

Dog Ears

Anna tells her best friend Timmy everything. But when things start to get too much, who will listen?

A novel about listening, looking below the surface and lending a helping paw.

Dog Ears is published by Catnip.

Lucy's Secret Reindeer

A magical Christmas story about a girl who is given the task to look after Santa's smallest reindeer.

Lucy's Secret Reindeer is published by Oxford University Press.

Lucy's Winter Rescue

When Lucy finds a lost baby otter she makes a Christmas wish to find him a special new home. But little does Lucy know that this is just the start of the Christmas magic, and that by helping the otter she will help lots of other people, and animals, too!

Lucy's Secret Winter Rescue is published by Oxford University Press.

Lucy's Magic Snow Globe

Lucy has found a tiny baby rabbit, injured and all alone. How will she ever make the little rabbit better, and reunite him with his family in time for Christmas? 

With the help of her magic snow globe, and a sprinkle of fairy dusk, Lucy is about to discover that miracles can really happen.

Lucy's Magic Snow Globe is published by Oxford University Press.


A timely and timeless retelling of the Christmas story, inspired by refugee children everywhere.

Refuge is published by Nosy Crow.

The Fairiest Fairy

Betty was a fairy who just never got things right. She was always in a muddle though she tried with all her might.

Oh dear. Being a fairy isn't easy! Betty gets everything wrong. Will she ever be crowned the Fairiest of Them All...?

The Fairiest Fairy is published by Nosy Crow.

The Christmas Fairy

Clara was a chatter box, a fairy full of fun. She loved to sing and dance and bring a smile to everyone.

Clara dreams of being a Christmas fairy. But it's not as easy as it looks - especially as she's always so excited! Will Clara's Christmas wish ever come true?

The Christmas Fairy is published by Nosy Crow.

Olivia is stuck in the middle of a horrible row which threats to tear apart her family, her friendships and her community.  She wants to join a new Army cadets unit at school,  a decision her ex-army grandfather, with whom she grew up,  supports, but her pacifist mother is ardently opposed, as is her Quaker friend Aidan and his parents. Olivia's school and friendships becomes divided. Then, when her mum is arrested for her involvement  in a pacifist protest, Olivia is forced to spend time with the dad she barely knows, an historian who is staying  on the island of Lindisfarne, on the North East of England. The island feels far away and detached from the mainland, almost magical. And even William, a young boy she meets there seems different... Is her mum ever going to be released? And what will Olivia do with her Future?

Book which links WW1 with today, and discusses Pacifism and Patriotism.

'Across The Divide' is published by Catnip Books


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