About me

I live in a village in Kent with my husband and four children. I have two dogs, called Timmy and Ben. Timmy is a big, gentle golden retriever who loves people and food and is scared of cats. Ben is a small brown and white cavalier King Charles spaniel who is a bit like a cat because he curls up in the warmest places and bosses Timmy about. He snuffles and snorts quite a lot and you can tell what he is feeling by the way he walks. He has a particularly pleased patter when he has stolen something he shouldn't have, which gives him away immediately. I am not afraid of spiders so am a good person to ask if you need one removed from your room - and in return, perhaps you can help me do a backward roll or learn to climb a rope or jump over rocks (everyone is scared of something, I have found. I just happen not to be scared of spiders!) My lovely author agent (the person I send my books to and who shows them to publishers) is called Anne Clark, and you can read about her and all the other lovely authors she represents here: http://www.anneclarkliteraryagency.co.uk